Free Community garden session 7 August 2021

Community garden session 

Saturday 7 August 2021                

14.00 – 16.00

Dalgarno Community Gardens, Peabody Estate next to block A, London W10 5JE

Rain is Best

Harvesting rainwater is a way to provide more soft water for gardens and farms.

Find out what we are doing to collect it and how easy it is. 

Collecting rainwater also helps to reduce local flooding during storms. 

Enjoy the wetness of life and then join the art session, which will teach you how to use marbling ink.GardensessionAug2021

To book please email:

Funded by Grenfell Project Fund, Corner 9, Peabody

Summer Holiday Sessions 2021

Free Woodwork sessions

Mo 26July – Fr 30 July

Time 14.00 – 16.00

Age 7+


Free ART sessions

Mo – Tue:

26.7 -27.7/ 2.8-3.8/ 9.8-10.8

Time 10.00 -12.00

Age 5+

Location: 9 Dalgarno Gardens, London W10 5LL

PLEASE book by email:

places are limited – booking essential

Funded by Grenfell Project Fund, Peabody, Corner9

Free Nature walk & Storytelling session Sunday 27 June 2021

The Secret Wisdom of Nature: Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things

Come on a guided walk with environmental expert Nicolas Holliman and listen to the enchanting nature story by storyteller Isabel Vazquez Garcia in a secret den hidden away in Little Wormwoods Scrubs woodland part W10 5LL

Date: Sunday 27th June 2021 by any weather

Starts: 2pm and then every other hour at 3pm and 4pm

Duration: 30 minutes walk followed by 30 minutes of storytelling

Start your adventure @ Corner 9 Art Space, Dalgarno Gardens, London W10 5LL

To book email:

Suitable for humans  from 5 years+/ children have to attend the session with an adult

Funded by Westway Trust & Corner9Arts, part of KCAW2021

Free Community Garden session – all about the soil

Free Community Garden  session – Theme SOIL 

SATURDAY 29th May 2021

2.00 to 4.00 pm

Physic Garden, next to Block A, Peabody Estate 

Dalgarno Gardens W10 5JE, 

SOIL is not dirt or muck

It’s a mixture of weathered rock, humus, living things and water that stretches around the world and support life.

Learn more when we investigate it, what lives in it and how to test some of its qualities.

For the craft session we will work with clay, similar to the London Clay that is millions of years old and lies beneath our feet. 

You will make things with clay, based on natural forms.

Enquiries and bookings: OR 07847 170881


Corner Nine Arts Project offers the space and fresh air and you 

can follow the advice about hands and face covering.

Funded and supported by: 

Grenfell Projects Fund, Peabody Trust and Corner Nine Arts ProjectSoilworkshop29:05:2021

Community Garden Session 1st May 2021

Plants & PoLLINATORS   

Free sessions for local people of all ages

 Saturday 1st May 2021

Time        2.00 – 4.00 pm

At  Dalgarno Community Garden, Peabody Estate, next to Block A, W10 5JG

Join us for introduction about pollination by all kinds of creatures in the Community Gardens,

followed by a craft workshop creating small bee brooches

Hands – face – safe – fresh air

Limited numbers – please book by emailing :

Funded by Grenfell Project Fund & Corner Nine Arts ProjectMay1:Gardensession.2021

Spring Treasure Hunt for Families

Good News! 

Corner Nine Arts Project is Starting

Spring Treasure Hunt for Families – with a Natural twist 

Monday 12th April 2021

Come along and find clues that will help you find the treasure

The Hunt is on from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm and takes 30 minutes 

Starts at the Community Physic Garden, Peabody Estate, next to block A, London W10 5JE

Please let us know if you are planning to come by email: or text 07763 472516

We hope to see you soon